Exotics Racing


Drive the Supercars of your dreams to the limit on the fastest and safest racetrack in Las Vegas at Exotics Racing!

Exotics Racing gives you the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of driving the coolest supercars on the planet on exclusive racetracks that were professionally designed to get the most out of our award winning fleet. Take the wheel of these incredible machines and push their performance to the limit with one-on-one coaching from our team of professional racing instructors. There is no feeling that compares to driving a supercar for the first time and we make sure your experience is unforgettable from start to finish! Exotics Racing is the original supercar experience and offers a commitment to excellence that is unrivaled, offering the highest level of safety and service in the industry.

As the original, best rated and world's largest supercar driving experience, Exotics Racing lets you choose from over 50 exotic cars & 23 racecars. What would you like to drive today? A Ferrari or a Lamborghini? A Porsche or a McLaren? Maybe an Audi R8 or a Nissan GT-R? How about all of them? Now you can on our exclusive racetracks designed to offer the most exhilarating driving experience ever. If you want to drive a supercar on a racetrack and get the real full experience, Exotics Racing will provide you the truest and the most thrilling drive on track.
Multi award-winning since 2009, many people have tried to duplicate our experience, but there truly is no comparison to us.

Located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, our exclusive 1.2-mile racetrack was designed by professional racing drivers to highlight our supercars performance capabilities. You'll find an example of many turns found on the world's greatest racetracks including hairpins, double apex corners, fast sweepers, chicanes, 90-degree corners and even a banked turns as well as large runoff areas, the latest high-tech safety barriers, and even the only in-ground LED lighting system in the US.

Exotics Racing has designed its 2 stunning racetracks with professional racing drivers for supercars driving experiences to push their performance to the limit. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, Exotics Racing has an incredible collection with a $12,000,000 value for more than 50 outstanding supercars available for clients. Created by professional racing drivers, Exotics Racing has the best racing instructors who deliver professional one-on-one coaching on track like nowhere else in the world.

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Tour length: 150 minutes
Transportation type: Race car