Shark Reef Aquarium


Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Discount. This aquarium is not your typical aquarium. Visitors will have a total experience designed to transport to an undersea ocean of sights, sounds and encounters. The Shark Reef Aquarium features dangerous and unusual animals from the world’s tropical waters and takes visitors on a journey.

Fourteen exhibits show dangerous aquatic predators. The largest exhibit is the 1.3 million gallon shipwreck where visitors experience an almost 360-degree view teeming with sharks and fish. Furthermore, the Touch Pool is a popular attraction, where guests can touch an ever changing collection of animals including sharks, rays or horseshoe crabs. More than 2,000 animals are displayed at Shark Reef Aquarium, over 100 different species featuring 15 species of sharks.

Completed at a cost of nearly $60 million, the themed facility was designed with the idea of sending the visitor into this underwater world. So since opening Shark Reef Aquarium has inspired nearly a million visitors a year. Furthermore, the aquarium was built dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of animal care. So visitors are provided with an entertaining and educational experience.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium

Shark Reef aquarium is the home of over 2,000 animals. You have the chance to dive with a higher concentration of sharks than you’d ever find in the wild. You can also experience the newly opened Sea Monsters Revealed, the world’s largest exhibition to uniquely preserved sea life. Shark Reef has high standards of animal care, while providing an entertaining and educational experience. So visit us and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience right in Las Vegas.

This is the perfect attraction for any family that loves nature and animals. See some of these the sea's greatest wildlife from a point of view that you rarely get at big aquariums, much less on the Vegas Strip. Children and adults can find out whatever they want to know about these majestic creatures from the experts on staff at this Las Vegas attraction you can see for less with discount tickets