Carrot Top

Carrot Top Las Vegas

Curly haired, red-headed prop comedian Carrot Top leads a one-man circus with trunks full of ingenious, hilarious inventions based on pop culture and current events.

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Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino features Carrot Top, "Best Male Stand-Up Comedian!"
The award-winning comedy of Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson, also titled "Entertainer of the Year!" and "Comedian of the Year," keeps his audience in stitches as he unpacks trunk loads of crazy props and wacky inventions.

Carrot Top describes himself as a culmination of George Carlin ("observational humor"), Steven Wright ("dark, sick humor") and Gallagher ("the props"). Whatever his style, Carrot Top - with his trademark mop of red hair – is rocking Luxor Las Vegas right now! Don't miss the best comedic entertainment in Las Vegas!

Whatever everyday object conversion the curly haired, red-headed Carrot Top comes up with, it is sure to make the room erupt into laughter. Carrot Top, who is part prop comic with his 35 trunks chock-full of his latest ingenious inventions, and part ringmaster of a spectacle of lights, lasers, pyrotechnics, loud music and of course, outstanding humor, takes audiences on one heck of a wild 90-minute ride whenever he comes to Las Vegas. So book now to save with our Carrot Top Las Vegas Discount Tickets.

Making fun of celebrities, sports figures, musicians and prominent political figures with a rapid-fire delivery, Carrot Top’s creative and witty brand of humor focuses on the inane and absurd. Take, for instance, his Whitney Houston microphone with an attached water pipe, his Mark McGwire baseball bat complete with a hollowed-out area for storing steroids, or his Dick Cheney “Operation” game.

The red-haired comedian barely stops to take a breath as he transitions between frantically searching for a new prop and telling jokes. Before you know it the topic has changed from walking to the Excalibur to his last visit to the porn convention in Las Vegas.

His show is just as wild and crazy as his big hair and brightly colored tie-dyed T-shirt that he wears during his performance. What seems like a loud fashion statement for most people is mild in comparison to the comedian’s uninhibited personality.

Whether he’s pulling objects from his “redneck” trunk, which contains items like a Breathalyzer phone and a John Deere graduation cap, or from his “rock” trunk, which holds what he needs to morph into Michael Jackson, Steven Tyler and Bono, Carrot Top’s show is full of outrageous comedy and shocking surprises. So grab your tickets with our Carrot Top Las Vegas Discount Tickets and save.

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