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Watching a performance by Frederic Da Silva is like being on first-name basis with a mystery without really understanding it. International mentalist Frederic Da Silva showcases the powers of his mind in his renowned show PARANORMAL to Bally's Las Vegas. Experience an afternoon of mystery, magic, hypnosis and mind-reading that will leave you astonished and amazed.

Made famous internationally on European television, Frederic brings his spectacular production PARANORMAL to Las Vegas. Voted Best Mentalist in Europe, Frederic has the ability to predict what you are hiding in your pocket, stop a watch at the time that you secretly visualized, or even figure out the name of the person you are thinking about. How does he do it? Behind the word "mentalist" lurk notions of magic, divination, suggestion and the paranormal, but what's his secret? Is it all an illusion? Is it real? Does he have special powers? You will probably never know. The only thing you'll be sure of after seeing the show is that you will never forget Frederic Da Silva.


"How did he do that?!?" It's a common freak-out refrain heard at one of Frederic Da Silva's performances. The internationally renowned mentalist brings his show "Paranormal" to Bally's Las Vegas, where he'll shock and astound you by predicting what you're hiding in your pocket or by figuring out the name of the person you're thinking about. Using the powers of his mind, Da Silva can make you feel his touch without ever lifting a finger. Experience an afternoon of mystery, hypnosis and mind-reading that will leave you astonished and amazed. Decide for yourself whether it's magic, divination, suggestion or the paranormal.

Paranormal brings a side of magic to Las Vegas that audiences will be pleased to experience. Internationally famous mentalist, Frederic Da Silva, blows crowds away with his mentally and visually astonishing performances and out-of-this-world illusions.

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