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About - Unreal - The Way You Make Me Feel

A blended performance of Pop Music’s top icons featuring the best moments of Michael Jackson and Britney Spears LIVE on stage! Entertainment insiders say this show is as close as you can get to the real deal. Acclaimed tribute artists E’Casanova and Katie Murdock are “musical magic,” recreating the energy of the worlds’ most legendary performers. Beyond belief - it’s UNREAL!

About E’Casanova

They say that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks exactly like you, a perfect double. Most of us will never know who that person is but E’CASANOVA does and that likeness has garnered him recognition as the world’s greatest rendition of Michael Jackson.

In Las Vegas E'CASANOVA became the “must see” act on The Strip with stints in several production extravaganzas and was the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner of MGM Grand’s worldwide celebrity look-alike contest where he was proclaimed the world's greatest look-alike. E'Casanova was not only Michael's friend, but he was the only tribute artist endorsed by Michael and used on camera as his official photo double in his music video appropriately titled, "Who Is It."

On stage E'CASANOVA pays homage to the King of Pop and has thrilled sell-out audiences around the world and when given the proper tools, he strives to give audiences the same type of magical feeling the legendary musical icon did.  “I don’t think I’m Michael,” says E'CASANOVA. "I understand  my role and I stay in my lane. I’m not an impersonator. That’s a word I reject. I’m an actor playing a part. I'm just a substitute teacher trying to provide some magic while in the absence of the king Michael Jackson."

About Katie Murdock

Katie Murdock, happily known as Britney Spears to her audience, is no stranger to musical performance. Having grown up in a family of singers, Katie first sang for a crowd of hundreds at age two and has remained a familiar stage presence since then. Starting with her family's singing group, she learned from her professionally performing mother how to sing, harmonize, and "WOW" a crowd. Katie continued singing through grade school, into middle school, and now into a career.

Hailing from Utah, and later moving to Las Vegas, Katie literally sung her way across the states. After consistently hearing that she looked strikingly similar to the famed singer, Katie first tried her hand as a Britney tribute artist in 2005.

Katie's hard earned singing talent, combined with her uncanny similarity to Britney has not only brought her to Legends In Concert's main stage as a career tribute artist but also taken her so far as to be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show. Katie's performances have time and again shown the crowd how and why she is revered for her ability to reproduce Britney Spears's act. With many years of paying tribute to Britney under her belt, not to mention her life's work of singing and dancing, Katie Murdock is considered one of the best Britney Spears tribute artists in the world.

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