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Best and Worst Las Vegas Strip Hotel Names

The other day I found myself in a discussion with a friend about one of the Vegas strip hotels when he suddenly blurted out how “dumb” he thought the name of the hotel was. Although our discussion had nothing to do with the hotel name, his passionate stance, seemingly out of nowhere, made me pause. I soon realized I too had strong opinions on many of the hotel names and a list of the best and worst Las Vegas Strip hotel names was born.

The list is admittedly unscientific. No surveys were taken, no marketing studies conducted. By far the most difficult part in coming up with the list was determining if one tries to separate the “feeling” one has for the hotel itself based on things such as its decor and atmosphere in an effort to create a list based solely on a name. If I was provided with a list of 10 hotel names which I had never set foot in, a non-emotional list could be much more easily created. I came to the conclusion there is no way to separate any emotional attachment I may have for a hotel from its name, so the list is a result of the name itself in combination with the “feeling” each one creates. Clearly a name + feel generated list is subjective and ends up being largely a personal list based on experiences at the premises and unconscious biased towards certain words, places or themes. Comment at the end of the article letting me know if I have hit the mark or am way off your own personal list.

To be considered, the hotel has to be open to the public (eliminating the soon to be opened SLS and The Cromwell) and I had to have spent time within the hotel. Not necessarily stay at the hotel, but have spent time within its public areas.

Some hotel names themselves simply don’t conjure up any emotion for me and don’t make the list. Hotels falling into this category are Wynn, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, Bally’s, Flamingo, Harrah’s and Tropicana.

Some hotels are named based on a theme, location or hotel design and because of that their name suits them perfectly. Paris, Excalibur, Treasure Island (although much less than it once did), Luxor, Monte Carlo, Circus Circus, Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, Venetian, Palazzo fall into this category.

List of best Las Vegas Strip hotel names:

1. THEhotel
Unfortunately its spot at the top of the list will end this year with the pending name change to The Delano. THEhotel was once described to me as having a sensual feeling to it. I agree, and this hotel transforms me into a state of calm and relaxation as I walk down the hallway toward the elevators. People either love or hate the name, I for one love it.

Simply a beautiful hotel with a name that suits it. Simple and elegant.

3. The Mirage
The Mirage best sums up the Vegas Strip for me in that I often feel what I am seeing is an optical illusion. In my opinion it is a brilliant name with the top of the towers themselves creating a mirage. Steve Wynn definitely got this one right.

4. Encore
What I like best about the name Encore is that it itself is an Encore to the Wynn resort. A second performance demanded by a brilliant first performance.

5. Cosmopolitan
The word cosmopolitan makes me think of a sophisticated, glamorous traveller. This hotel pulls off that feeling well.

List of worst Las Vegas Strip hotel names:

1. The Quad
There is only one. That is how bad this name is. A number two in the list wouldn’t even come close. Rumours are this name will be changed and let’s hope so.

What impact, if any, does the hotel name have on your opinion or feelings about the property itself? What impact does the name have on your view of the fabulous hotels on the Vegas Strip?